PlayShell is a bash-based application that handles media players and manages playlist with a simple interface to users. It can run in Linux systems that has bash versions 3.0 or higher.

Basic Features




The latest version of PlayShell is 0.2-WP10. It's a pre-release version to 0.2. You can download the package file through SourceForge.


Any feedback with respect to the project is always apprecated. You may use the project's tracker in SourceForge if you like post a comment or suggestion, post a patch, or file a bug.


Summary Page -

PlayShell's summary page in SourceForge.

SourceForge -

a good place to develop open software.

Shell Script Loader -

Shell Script Loader is the framework used to load the module files of PlayShell.

Bash -

the popular shell that's available in most linux distros with many useful and easy to use features.

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